Immersive technology that creates rich and powerful experiences.

Our specialist 360 camera records video at up 8K resolution (six times the resolution of conventional cameras). Our motion design team are able to create fully 3D in-video graphics that help inform as well as delight audiences.

360 VR video can be viewed using mobile headsets from the Google Cardboard to  Samsung Gear VR, up to top of the range tethered viewers such as, the Oculus Rift & HTC Vive.

All options are viable for trade events, foyer presentations or private show-rounds and can be especially effective at cross-promoting a group of hotels within a city or wider territory.

There are several ways to view these immersive experiences:

360 Desktop Video

Use your cursor buttons on your desktop or laptop to explore fully 360 videos.

Mobile & Tablet

Take an immersive journey without a headset – just point your Android or Apple mobile or tablet in any direction.

Samsung Gear VR

Currently the best mobile VR headset available & perfect for exhibition, events and sales.

Oculus & Vive

Experience the power of 8K VR video using high resolution headsets. Perfect for sales initiative or events alike.