VSI (Video Site Inspection) is a flexible, branded and embeddable solution complete with business intelligence, providing you with insight into client engagement

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VSI differs from virtual 360º tours by allowing you to control your narrative, yet providing the customer with the flexibility to navigate the content that suits their requirements.

Property Hero Film

Hyatt Regency Chicago hero film still

Each VSI interactive experience begins with a brand defining hero film. This video introduction tells the story of your property including its location, ambience, exceptional service & key amenities.

Room & Feature Films

Whether it’s a ballroom, boardroom, bedrooms or dining– we’ll craft a film dedicated to promoting your iconic spaces & services. You decide how many rooms & feature films you require.

Information Displays

Your VSI is dedicated to inspire but also to inform with rich information displays transforming each film into a video brochure.

Video Menus

Hilton Wembley VSi Rooms

You’re never more than a click away from accessing the rich collection of film content curated in each VSI experience.

Room Space & Themed Feature Films

Every VSI hotel experience is unique. We tailor each individual VSI film to the sales & marketing needs of your property. Choose from a limitless range of room space options or themed topics.





Bars & Restaurants

Event Hospitality

Customer Service


Room Service

Destination Film

Property Intro Film



Business Intelligence: VSI Audience Dashboard

Each property has access to a secure personalised dashboard carefully designed to help you understand your audience and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

VSI Digital Tools & Support

Our VSI experiences are designed to help you take your property to market, with a range of tools and support services. We’ll also produce a range of complementary assets such as email banners, each designed to improve the reach & effectiveness of your digital campaigns.

Share & Contact Buttons

Improved sharing

We offer a full range of in-video share & contact buttons– designed to create a highly effective connective experience.

Promote via email

Email Banners

We’ll supply bespoke branded banners for your VSI to help you reach new and existing contacts via email.

Social Video

Short Form Video

We also include short form clips for each room space to utilize in marketing initiatives across every social platform.


Send Direct URL links

Send your contacts directly to the film and/or room space you recommend – with a unique URL for every section of the video.


Share VSI video within campaign mail

Link directly to your property’s VSI from any email template using our personalized thumbnail images.


Contact our friendly dedicated team

Whether it’s a technical enquiry or for advice with digital marketing our team are always  just a call, text or email away.